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  • Chicago’s Best Italian 5: La Crosta Woodfire Pizzeria Italia

    Marley Kayden is loading up on the napkins after heading to a North Side spot with burrata shipped straight from Italy.

  • Chicago’s Best Italian 5: Vito’s Old Italian

    Over in Elmwood Park, Marley Kayden dives head first into a delectable pasta dish reminiscent of cooking straight from your grandma’s kitchen.

  • Chicago’s Best Italian 5: Frantonio’s Italian Deli and Cafe

    Homemade mozzarella takes center stage out in Barrington where Elliott Bambrough tries his hand at making the classic Italian staple.

  • Chicago’s Best Italian 5

    From the bottom of the boot to the coast of Italy, Elliott Bambrough, Marley Kayden, and Lauren Scott are eating their way through traditional and new-fangled Italian fare. Featured restaurants: La Crosta Woodfire Pizzeria Italia Capri Ristorante Italiano Frantonio’s Italian Deli and Cafe Vito’s Old Italian Nando Milano Trattoria

  • Chicago’s Best Latin

    Elliott Bambrough, Marley Kayden, and Lauren Scott are cooking to the beat to serve up some of the most unique, savory and authentic dishes from all over Latin America. Featured Restaurants: Longitud315 Mi Tocaya Antojería BienMeSabe Sinhá Café Caribe

  • Chicago’s Best Latin: BienMeSabe

    We’re off to Venezuela with Marley Kayden who tries her hand at stuffing some out-of-this world arepas that will leave you drooling.

  • Chicago’s Best Latin: Sinhá

    Elliott Bambrough gets a lesson on cooking fish from the lady of the house at a near west side Brazilian restaurant, hidden in plain sight.

  • Chicago’s Best Latin: Café Caribe

    Marley Kayden is smashing up plantains to serve up an authentic, savory Jibarito sandwich that will take you from the South Side all the way to Puerto Rico.

  • Chicago’s Best Latin: Longitud315

    Lauren Scott couldn’t fly to South America for churrascos, so she drove up to Highwood for melt-in-your-mouth Latin fusion.

  • Chicago’s Best Latin: Mi Tocaya Antojería

    Elliott Bambrough calls dibs on tasting Mexican mole with a twist at a Logan Square hot spot.

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