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  • Chicago’s Best Fries: Frietkoten

    Elliott meets the “Fry King” and learns how to make authentic hand-cut Belgian fries.

  • Chicago’s Best Fries: Forastero

    Marley visits a restaurant in Old Town, where the chef is creating dishes inspired by both Mexican and Korean fare.  

  • Chicago’s Best Fries: Nobel House

    Marley tries to win a prize at an Alfred Nobel-inspired restaurant, which takes pride in creating excellent dishes, like the brisket poutine.

  • Chicago’s Best Fries: Sutherlands Food & Spirits

    Elliott heads to Portage Park to make loaded fries topped with the finest ingredients.

  • Where to find the best burgers in town

    A great man once said, “There is literally nothing better than a burger and a beer.” Without a doubt, burgers are a staple in the food world… so Chicago’s Best is here to show you how burgers have evolved from the simple patty and bun to a modern-day feast. First up, Elliott makes an offering to the burger gods at Happy Bites in Tinley Park with a patty appropriately named “Nectar of the Gods.” Then, Marley heads to Oak Park […]

  • Chicago’s Best Burgers: Maillard Tavern

    Elliott has a revelation when he meets a burger “scientist” who teaches him how to dress up the standard burger, achieving absolute decadence!

  • Chicago’s Best Burgers: Carnivore Oak Park

    Marley visits a butcher shop in Oak Park where she makes the freshest bacon burger imaginable.

  • Chicago’s Best Burgers: Chuck Wagon

    Marley heads to the North Shore to try a burger with a Greek twist.

  • Chicago Best Burgers:  Happy Bites Burger & Wings

    Elliott meets his long-lost twin in Tinley Park, where they make an offering to the burger gods.

  • Gluten-Free Doesn’t Mean Flavor-Free

    Marley and Elliott are on a mission to find gluten-free food that’s full of flavor. Elliott treks downtown for a filling lunch at CheSa’s Gluten-Free Food Truck. There, he finds the ultimate GF indulgence: crab mac and cheese! Next, Marley satisfies her sweet tooth at Sweet Ali’s Gluten-Free Bakery in Hinsdale. Customers living the gluten-free life rave about the bakery’s amazing sweets that rival most — like their tasty warm cinnamon bun. Then, Marley steers the Jeep Gladiator toward West Town’s […]

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