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  • Recommended Restaurants in Rosemont

    The CB team heads to Rosemont to check out some restaurants within the town known as an entertainment oasis. If you’re looking for a great Italian fare you can’t go wrong with Carmine’s, it’s a Chicago staple that’s been around for decades. Marley joins “The Boss” to prepare a culinary gem. Next up – Elliott finds his “happy” place for authentic Indian cuisine. He learns how to make a lamb chop masala that is unique to Maharaja’s. Then, Elliott swings […]

  • Chicago’s Best of Rosemont: Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse

    Marley checks out a steakhouse staple for timeless meat and potatoes.

  • Chicago’s Best of Rosemont: Murray Bros. Caddyshack

    Elliott teams up with Andy Murray, to embrace the “Caddyshack” lifestyle – as they make some of the best crab cakes in town.

  • Chicago’s Best of Rosemont: Carmine’s Rosemont

    Marley heads to an iconic Italian kitchen, where she prepares an innovative recipe with “The Boss”.

  • Chicago’s Best of Rosemont: Maharaja

    Elliott visits an international restaurant offering authentic Indian cuisine, and a lamb chop masala you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Chicago’s Best Off the “L”: Dave’s New Kitchen

    Hope you have room for a calzone bigger than your head. Marley’s around the corner from the Purple Line in North Shore, at Dave’s New Kitchen, cooking up a cheesy calzone fit for royalty.

  • Chicago’s Best Off the “L”: Scatchell’s

    E’s headed to Scatchell’s, near the Pink Line in Cicero, where they’re serving up a classic Italian beef that’ll leave you drooling. And let’s just say Elliott has a luxurious ride there while our photographer isn’t so lucky.

  • Chicago’s Best Off the “L”: Avenue Ale House

    Elliott hops off the blue line (very) ready for a beer and a burger. He quenches his thirst with a cold one and a one-of-a-kind turkey burger at Avenue Ale House in Oak Park.

  • Chicago’s Best Off the “L”: El Burrito Mexicano

    Marely’s making an al Pastor burrito, with a father son duo, steps away from the Red Line in Wrigleyville.

  • Is it a ‘trick’ or is it an ‘eat’?

    Elliott and Marley get a taste of unique bites around Chicagoland. What might be taboo to you, is a tasty treat to someone else. First up, Elliott starts his day at Finom Coffee with a cup o’ joe and a delectable puff pastry. It’s what’s inside the pastry that leaves Elliott wanting more. Next, Marley visits Parkside Pub & Grill, where they’re known for much more than a good pint. (HINT: It involves turkeys—lots of them.) Then, Elliott hops to […]

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