Is it a ‘trick’ or is it an ‘eat’?

Elliott and Marley get a taste of unique bites around Chicagoland. What might be taboo to you, is a tasty treat to someone else.

First up, Elliott starts his day at Finom Coffee with a cup o’ joe and a delectable puff pastry. It’s what’s inside the pastry that leaves Elliott wanting more.

Next, Marley visits Parkside Pub & Grill, where they’re known for much more than a good pint. (HINT: It involves turkeys—lots of them.)

Then, Elliott hops to Xelva Mayan Kitchen for his favorite thing: tacos. Only these tacos are piled high with a particular protein.

Finally, Marley checks out A Place by Damao for authentic Chengdu street food. One of the chef’s dishes might just make diners smarter.

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