Top 10 Breakfast Dishes in Chicagoland

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There are plenty of ways to start your day and after seven years on the air we’ve tried darn near all of ’em! From donuts to pancakes to giant skirt steaks we’re counting down your favorites and as always, the top 10 is based on YouTube views of our breakfast dishes, so if you don’t like the order or you think something’s missing- take good long look in the mirror and then get to watchin’! And if you still can’t find your favorite hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or our Chicago’s Best app and don’t forget to tune in to an all-new Chicago’s Best Breakfast episode this Sunday night at 10pm on WGN-TV.

  1. Tony’s Breakfast Cafe: Breakfast all day, every day is the name of the game at Brookfield’s favorite 24 hour joint. Tony’s best bite is a pancake sandwich with thick cut ham and Elliott’s favorite sunny-side eggs- the perfect start (or end) to your day! Location: 9414 Ogden Ave. in Brookfield
  2. Art’s Drive-In: The Goose Island neighborhood may be known for their beer, but it’s about time someone added steak that list. Art’s skirt steak and eggs is masterfully trimmed, seasoned, and cooked to perfection every. Single. Morning. Location: 1333 W. North Ave. in Goose Island
  3. George’s Family Restaurant: Skirt steak makes its second appearance in the top three, but this time it’s in a skillet, seasoned Mediterranean-style, and covered in eggs and veggies. There’s nothing quite like a beefy breakfast to get you going in the A.M.! Location: 145 S. Oak Park Ave. in Oak Park
  4. Stacked: “Small Batch” is not often a term you hear when referring to pancakes, but the giant fluffy cakes at Stacked on 95th are just that. It may get crazy when they’re trying to pump ’em out to a full weekend crowd, but once you taste that batter you’ll know it’s worth the wait! Location: 5273 W 95th St. in Oak Lawn
  5. Sammy’s Kitchen: Thick cut, one pound, ham off the bone has been filling breakfast plates at Sammy’s on the south side for over 20 years. Got an early flight out of Midway? Hit up Sammy’s and you’ll be full from wheels up to touch down! Location: 5542 W. 55th St. in Garfield Ridge
  6. Allegretti’s Bakery: It’s a poorly hidden secret that the CB crew loves donuts and maybe none more so than the chocolate cake variety at Allegretti’s in Norridge. One bite into these moist, cakey dreams and you’ll know exactly how they got their nickname: “crack donuts”. Location: 7717 W. Lawrence Ave. in Norridge
  7. The Jalapeño Grille: Breakfast in any language is delicious and the desayuno at The Jalapeño Grille isn’t just good… it’s explosive! Grab a plate of house specialty Volcan and prepare for an early morning fiesta in your mouth. Location: 602 Geneva Rd. in St. Charles
  8. The Butcher & Larder: We wouldn’t blame you if your breakfast consisted of thick cut, perfectly seasoned bacon and only thick cut, perfectly seasoned bacon. And if that’s your idea of the perfect morning meal get your pork butt to The Butcher & Larder A.S.A.P.! Location: 1026 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Noble Square
  9. Mahoney’s Pub & Grille: Often times the best place to recover from that hangover is bar that gave it to ya. And Mahoney’s in West Town has a breakfast poutine replete with the kind of food that will help line that belly for another round of the cold stuff! Location: 551 N. Ogden Ave. in West Town
  10. The View: If two skirt steak spots weren’t enough for you The View has lucky number three covered. Bridgeview’s Breakfast of Champions might just be the biggest in town. Only one way to find out though… Location: 8930 S. Harlem Ave. in Bridgeview
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