Elliott’s Bromances

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Everyone knows that Elliott’s true love is food, but sometimes it’s the men serving up that food that have left a mark on our hungry Brit. Between the food and drink and goodhearted nature of Chicago’s best chefs- it’s hard not to fall in love!

Kaiser Tiger: After chowing down on the beer battered, deep fried, bacon wrapped grenades at the West Loop’s Kaiser Tiger- Elliott did what any self-respecting man would: he ate a beer and bacon sausage… Lady and The Tramp style… with a large, bearded man. Pork love- ain’t it beautiful?

The Duck Inn: We may be sensing a trend here- after Elliott and The Duck Inn’s Chef Kevin Hickey dined on the rotisserie duck for two it was the Duck Fat Dog that truly sealed the deal… and yes, they ate it Lady and The Tramp style.

Evanston Chicken Shack: Sometimes fried chicken is so good you can’t help but march back into the kitchen and plant one on the cook. The good news for Elliott was that the cook at Evanston Chicken Shack was sitting right next to him- so he ended his meal how every great date night ends… with a big, greasy kiss!

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