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  • The Versatile 2017 Jeep Compass

    Sponsored Content: Brittney Payton meets up with Kelley from Jeep to check out the 2017 Jeep Compass- the perfect vehicle for anything Chicago can throw at you!

  • Top 10 Burgers in Chicagoland… the Update!

    In honor of #NationalCheeseburgerDay we decided to give the ‘ol Burger Top 10 a refresh. A lot has changed since our first list in 2015 so check it out and let us know if your favorite made the cut! As always, catch Chicago’s Best every Sunday night at 10pm on WGN-TV and don’t hesitate to send us your burger suggestions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or through our Chicago’s Best app! The Assembly American Bar & Cafe: You don’t survive for 40 […]

  • Top 10 Hot Dog Joints in Chicagoland… The Update!

    With Wednesday July 19th being National Hot Dog Day we figured it was time to re-visit one of our favorite subjects! Right up there with beef and pizza the humble dog is always a topic of heated discussion amongst Chicagoans and we’re here to set the record straight. Without further ado… again… here are the top 10 dogs in Chicagoland according to you, our viewers!* 35th Street Red Hots: Birdgeport is home to some of the finest dogs in the city, […]

  • Producer Jason’s Top 5 Food Trucks… So Far!

    It’s a well known fact around the Chicago’s Best offices that the biggest food truck fanatic in town is Lead Producer Jason. You’ve seen him before looking concerned/agitated/generally unnerved by the antics of Brittney and Elliott and the best way to calm his neurosis is by hitting up some of the best trucks around. In honor of our all-new Chicago’s Best Food Trucks this Sunday at 10pm on WGN-TV we present Jason’s Top 5 Favorite Food Trucks… so far! 1. […]

  • Brittney’s Favorite Northside Spots… So Far!

    In honor of this Sunday’s all-new Northside vs. Southside episode Brittney Payton recounts her top five favorite Northside restaurants… so far! The Bad Apple: They may be known for their burgers, but The Bad Apple serves up B’s fave french fries seven different ways! Location: 4300 N. Lincoln Ave. in North Center Pat’s Pizza: Pizza making is a science at this northside mainstay and you better believe Pat’s has that science down to an art! Location: 2679 N Lincoln Ave in […]

  • Elliott’s Favorite Southside Spots… So Far!

    In honor of this Sunday’s all-new Northside vs. Southside episode Elliott Bambrough recounts his top five favorite southside restaurants… so far! Phil’s Pizza: Phil’s has been dishin’ up meaty tavern-style pizza to the south burbs for over 30 years! Location: 8932 Ridgeland Ave in Oak Lawn Pticek’s & Son Bakery: Hard to say, easy to eat! The southside spells cheesecake P-T-I-C-E-K-S! Location: 5523 S Narragansett Ave in Garfield Ridge Uncle J’s B.B.Q: Uncle J’s learned everything they know from legendary pitmaster Mack […]

  • Top 10 Donuts in Chicagoland

    It’s not difficult to find a donut joint here in Chicago, but some are a cut above the rest. In honor of National Donut Day we’re sharing a list of the Top 10 Donuts in Chicagoland according to you, our fans!* No chains. No frills. No nonsense. Just good, old-fashioned donuts. Allegretti’s Bakery: This Norridge bakery does chocolate cake donuts right! Regulars refer to the fried goodies as “crack donuts” and once you try ’em- you’ll understand why! Location: 7717 W Lawrence […]

  • The Unmatched Power of the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

    Sponsored Content: Brittney Payton and Elliott Bambrough head to the Chicago Auto Show to check out the sleek and stylish 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia.

  • Top 10 Breakfast Dishes in Chicagoland

    There are plenty of ways to start your day and after seven years on the air we’ve tried darn near all of ’em! From donuts to pancakes to giant skirt steaks we’re counting down your favorites and as always, the top 10 is based on YouTube views of our breakfast dishes, so if you don’t like the order or you think something’s missing- take good long look in the mirror and then get to watchin’! And if you still can’t […]

  • Top 10 Taco Joints… ¡Versión Dos!

    We’ve had good Mexican all over Chicagoland and our absolute favorite has to be… tacos! Our last Top 10 left a little to be desired so in honor of Sunday’s all-new Chicago’s Best Tacos episode we’ve decided to update the list. As always, our list is based on YouTube views of our taco featured segments, so just because you don’t see your favorite doesn’t mean we haven’t been there… cause we probably have… and ate a torta or a burrito […]