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  • Top 10 Taco Joints… ¡Versión Dos!

    We’ve had good Mexican all over Chicagoland and our absolute favorite has to be… tacos! Our last Top 10 left a little to be desired so in honor of Sunday’s all-new Chicago’s Best Tacos episode we’ve decided to update the list. As always, our list is based on YouTube views of our taco featured segments, so just because you don’t see your favorite doesn’t mean we haven’t been there… cause we probably have… and ate a torta or a burrito […]

  • Brittney’s Favorite Tacos (so far!)

    Our girl Brittney is a true fan of our neighbors to the south! If you can load it on a tortilla and top it with salsa- B is all in. Here are Brittney’s favorite (in no particular order) tacos from her seven years on Chicago’s Best: Bien Trucha: If fresh tacos in a beautiful setting is your idea of a good time head out west, young man, to Geneva and Bien Trucha. Brittney took down the shark tacos in her first […]

  • Elliott’s Favorite Tacos (so far!)

    Every day is #TacoTuesday in the Bambrough household. Sure, he loves his pizza and his dogs, but tacos are tops for E and boy has he had some good ones! Here are Elliott’s favorite (in no particular order… how can you decide which child is your favorite?!) tacos from his first four years on Chicago’s Best: Tacos Mario’s: When Elliott wants to pig out his first stop is the tacos al pastor at Taco’s Mario’s on 63rd. Shaved off a hand-made trompo […]

  • Top 10 Hot Dog Joints in Chicagoland… The Update!

    With baseball season underway and an all-new Chicago’s Best Meal Deals episode on the horizon we figured it was time to re-visit one of our favorite subjects: the hot dog! Right up there with beef and pizza the humble dog is always a topic of heated discussion amongst Chicagoans and we’re here to set the record straight. Without further ado… again… here are the top 10 dogs in Chicagoland according to you, our viewers!* 35th Street Red Hots: Birdgeport is home […]

  • 4 Great Spots for Wings on a Budget!

    Wings just might be the ultimate bar food- easy to eat with one hand while you put a cold one down with the other! So what could make wings even better? Why a discount, of course! Here’s a few spots where you can have your wings… and eat ’em too! Output Lounge: Runner-up in this year’s WingFest “Hot Category”, Output Lounge in West Town has a killer lunch wing deal. Grab 10 award-winning wings, load up on fries, and add […]

  • Chicago’s Best Pizza 5

    Join Elliott Bambrough and Brittney Payton as they give you a lesson in everything round and cheesy… it’s Chicago’s Best Pizza! Featured Restaurants: Coalfire Rosangela’s Dough Bros Pizza & Sub Shop Buffo’s The Original Old World Pizza

  • Chicago’s Best Pizza 5: Coalfire

    Elliott Bambrough takes down the first and only coal fired oven pizza in Chicago.

  • Chicago’s Best Pizza 5: Rosangela’s

    Brittney Payton goes old-school with some classic tavern-style in Evergreen Park.

  • Chicago’s Best Pizza 5: Dough Bros Pizza & Sub Shop

    Pizza on the go is the name of the game when Elliott Bambrough checks out a New York style joint in River North.

  • Chicago’s Best Pizza 5: Buffo’s

    Brittney Payton makes her way up north for a double decker beast in Highwood.