Elliott’s Favorite Southside Spots… So Far!

In honor of this Sunday’s all-new Northside vs. Southside episode Elliott Bambrough recounts his top five favorite southside restaurants… so far!

Phil’s Pizza: Phil’s has been dishin’ up meaty tavern-style pizza to the south burbs for over 30 years! Location: 8932 Ridgeland Ave in Oak Lawn
Pticek’s & Son Bakery: Hard to say, easy to eat! The southside spells cheesecake P-T-I-C-E-K-S! Location: 5523 S Narragansett Ave in Garfield Ridge
Uncle J’s B.B.Q: Uncle J’s learned everything they know from legendary pitmaster Mack Sevier and boy does it show! Location: 502 E 47th St in Grand Boulevard
Tony’s Italian Beef: Chicago loves some Italian Beef and Elliott’s fave is the classic Tony’s in West Lawn! Location: 7007 S Pulaski Rd in West Lawn
Top Notch Beef Burgers: Why call ’em hamburgers when they don’t have any ham in ’em?! Location: 2116 95th St in Beverly

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