Chicago’s Best Regional Bites: 6 Degrees

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Ted’s take: I’ve lived in Chicago for 20 years, yet had never heard of a staple of the state capital known as the “Horseshoe”.

Ann Keefner opened 6-Degrees Bar about six years ago and it’s been her mission to introduce this culinary masterpiece to the Windy City. First, the joint itself: Clean, cozy and pictures of patrons plastered all over the walls (thus the 6-Degree reference)

Now… the “Shoe”! Two pieces of Texas toast topped with two choices of meat covered with the Welsh Rarebit cheese sauce and topped with a mound of fries (the nails in the horseshoe).

If it sounds like too much, scale back and order the Poney Shoe which is only one meat. Either way, it’s a gluttons dream come true. So tasty, so filling and sure to cure even the most brutal hangover! Giddy-Up!

6 Degrees

Horseshoe Sandwich